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Eat. Sleep. catapult!


 A craigslist ad gone horribly wrong, 5 guys came together in a basement to hatch up some plan to combine every different influence each member brought to the table.

Not quite punk, but not too pop; this quintet will be sure to get everyone moving. Hailing from Saint Louis Missouri, Eat Sleep Catapult aims to make every show an event filled with laughs and catchy chorus’ that’ll have you singing on the way home. Produced by Kevin W. Gates of Reach Audio, Pick up our debut E.P. “Little Did You Know…” on iTunes or stream it on every major music platform.

Vocals // Rease Kraml

Bass // Tyler Shaw

Drums // Travis Juch


Media // Interviews

Over the past year Eat. Sleep. Catapult. has gained a fair amount of media attention; these are their stories.


Rock ‘n’ Load

Eat Sleep Catapult – Drop Their 1st EP Little Did You Know? & Talk With Rock ‘N’ Load


3 Songs & Out

Interview With 'Eat Sleep Catapult'



Interview: Eat Sleep Catapult


“Unsigned Artist of the Year: Eat. Sleep. Catapult.”

-Kill Boring Music // The Ringing Ear Podcast


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